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THE TIMEWASTER DIARIES by Robin Cooper out now!

**To read an extract from the diary Click here! **

Hello fans,

Yes - the waiting is OVER!

At last, my new book, THE TIMEWASTER DIARIES (see above) is finally and physically out (in shops/on intanet sights).


The book is a day-to-day record of what I have been up to during the period of one year, i.e it is a diary, written by my good self, for your private (and not so private) perusal!

There are drawings, doodlings, letters and so forth.

I do hope you will all enjoy it and tell your peers and your peers' peers all about it.

So roll up! Gather round and buy The Timewaster Diaries by Robin Cooper (i.e I) this very second.

Hurry up before stocks are all burnt.

All the billy best!

Robin Cooper
To read an extract from the diary Click here!